Williamsburg NY Seeing Rise in Heroin Use and Abuse

Heroin is making a comeback across the country and as it does, a subculture of addicts and self-proclaimed “gutter punks” is moving into the Williamsburg community.

This article from the New York Times points out residents in the “trendy Brooklyn community” are not too happy about their new neighbors. Empty lots and vacated developments have become home to groups of squatters that make their money panhandling in the city during the day and partying at night.

Heroin had its first big wave of popularity in the late 1970s but is currently on the rise again as the highly addictive drug is more potent and cheaper than ever. Some cities around the country are amazed as this older drug is seeking to replace prescription drugs as the recreational vice of suburban teens.

A cheap and powerful high, heroin is highly addictive. Although this page from the National Institute on Drug Abuse contains slightly outdated statistics, it does give a good background on the drug and the dangers associated with it.

The young adults featured in the New York Times article are said to be able to make around $15 per hour by begging for money on the streets. When night comes, they gather at one of the many squatter refuges in Williamsburg to party with their friends.

As the city sees a rise in heroin use on the streets, we will also see a rise in criminal heroin cases. Minor possession charges aren’t so minor when the drug of choice is something as potent as heroin.

If caught in possession of heroin you will be charged with a felony in the state of New York. This drug is considered a serious risk and is treated as such in the criminal courts. Knowing what your rights are and what you can expect is crucial when you are facing charges of this magnitude.

Don’t let the state make an example out of you. If you are facing any drug charges in New York, be certain you have an experienced defense attorney working on your behalf.

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