Westchester County Proposes Car Forfeiture for DWI

A proposed law in Westchester county would allow for seizure of a person’s car or vehicle upon conviction for a DWI in New York, even after a first offense.  This ordinance would be one of the most extreme in the nation, and goes beyond the recommendations of the AAA and even Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

The proposal is said to not be about the revenue gained from the sale of these vehicles, but designed as a strict deterrent for anyone who would consider driving while intoxicated.

Numerous critics suggest that the law goes much too far in punishing people beyond anything reasonably required for public safety. Plus, it is an extreme burden on middle and working class families to have a car taken away.

MADD is a large supporter of ignition interlock devices, even for first offense DWI convictions. An ignition interlock device requires a driver to blow into a machine that measures breath alcohol before being allowed to start the igntion. It is essentially a rolling breathalyzer. Under current New York state drunk driving law, ingition interlock devices are only mandatory after a third offense drunk driving conviction. Interlock requirements for 1st offense cases are becoming more common in other states, with Arizona and Illinois having enacted strict interlock laws recently.

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