Mayor Bloomberg Warns “Big Brother” is Inevitable

People’s privacy concerns are at an all time high, mainly because the potential of the U.S. government or state government’s abilities to infringe upon those rights is similarly higher than ever. While you might be concerned about cameras on every street corner or drones flying overhead, NYC Mayor Bloomberg says your concerns are futile and that a Big Brother state is inevitable. Continue reading “Mayor Bloomberg Warns “Big Brother” is Inevitable”

NYPD Testing Device That Scans Body for Guns

In all the recent talk about gun control and weapons laws, a new device being tested by the New York City Police Department won’t likely get much resistance. It’s a high-tech gadget that scans through your clothes and can apparently identify whether or not you are carrying a gun. It’s called a T-Ray machine, and despite some pretty obvious privacy concerns, even the New York Civil Liberties Union thinks it might have some redeeming qualities. Continue reading “NYPD Testing Device That Scans Body for Guns”

New York Failed Bomb Exposes Weakness in Surveillance Cameras Crime Fighting

After the failed car bombing in Times Square last month, grainy video images were broadcast across the country of the vehicle and a man next to it changing his shirt. The video was likely poured over for days in an attempt to find some clue at who was responsible for the offense. Ultimately, however, it did nothing to help. Continue reading “New York Failed Bomb Exposes Weakness in Surveillance Cameras Crime Fighting”