What Happens When NYPD is Driven By Numbers, Not Ethics

A scathing four part series came out of the Village Voice over the past several months, a report that has exposed a few precincts within the NYPD as being motivated not by public safety or community wellbeing, but by numbers. The series, being known as the NYPD Tapes has revealed what many officers knew and many New Yorkers suspected—things aren’t always as morally upstanding as officials would like you to think within the walls of the precinct stations. Continue reading “What Happens When NYPD is Driven By Numbers, Not Ethics”

Change to New York’s Stop and Frisk Practices

Earlier this month Governor Patterson signed legislation that made a computerized network of stop and frisk data illegal. The database was used to track names and information about people who had been stopped, though they had rarely done anything wrong. This data was then often used to make future stops on people who had done nothing more than made themselves available to police searches and questioning. Continue reading “Change to New York’s Stop and Frisk Practices”