Class Action Lawsuit Declared Against NYPD for Stop and Frisk

According to the NYPD, stopping and frisking people reduces crime. It’s an effective strategy for making the streets safer. According to the people they stop, it’s not only unfair, it’s a violation of their 4th Amendment rights and it’s racist. That violation of rights is the basis of a class action lawsuit against the city, a lawsuit that was just granted class action status by a federal judge. Continue reading “Class Action Lawsuit Declared Against NYPD for Stop and Frisk”

NYCLU’s “Stop and Frisk” IPhone App Lets You Record Police

Last June we informed our readers that the New York Civil Liberties Union launched a phone app allowing New Yorkers to document their encounters with the “boys in blue.” Well the app has proved successful, being downloaded by over 20,000 people since that time despite being available only on limited phones. Now, the NYCLU is expanding the reach of Stop and Frisk Watch by making it available for iPhones. Continue reading “NYCLU’s “Stop and Frisk” IPhone App Lets You Record Police”

Is ‘Stop and Frisk’ Achieving Anything?

Over the years, as the NYPD implemented their controversial ‘stop and frisk’ practices, robbery and burglary rates plummeted. While you may have heard top officials relating the two—suggesting the stop and frisks were causing the drop, there was little causal evidence to connect them. Now, however, a study in Justice Quarterly indicates there is evidence to show once and for all if the stop and frisk practices are responsible for plummeting burglary and robbery rates.

The findings indicate stop and frisk has had little role on the reduction. Continue reading “Is ‘Stop and Frisk’ Achieving Anything?”

New Phone App Allows Citizens to Document “Stop and Frisk”

Have you ever wanted to record police and immediately send your video to a powerful civil liberties group? Well, now there’s an app for that. According to the Wall Street Journal, the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) has developed a smart phone application that will help keep tabs on New York police officers and their employment of the city’s stop and frisk tactics. Continue reading “New Phone App Allows Citizens to Document “Stop and Frisk””

“Stop and Frisk” Protesters Arrested

Last week hundreds of protesters took to the streets in NYC and this time it wasn’t about Occupying Wall Street. Instead, these protesters were there to speak out against the city’s Stop-and-Frisk policies. Over 30 people were arrested, including some pretty notable names. Despite their anger at the program, Mayor Bloomberg stands behind the practice and credits it with driving the crime rate down in the city. Continue reading ““Stop and Frisk” Protesters Arrested”