NYPD Defends Itself Against Allegations of Quotas

Workers in the manufacturing and production industry are given quotas. It’s a number they aim for to make their workday productive. Their employer sets these numbers purposefully high to encourage harder work, more effort, and ultimately a better outcome for their business. But, what if police departments set quotas for officers—giving them a certain number of arrests or searches that must be performed in a certain time period? That’s exactly what the NYPD is accused of doing, among other things, and their defense to the allegations is laughable and not vindicating. Continue reading “NYPD Defends Itself Against Allegations of Quotas”

Flatbush Protests Over NYPD-Killed Youth End in Arrests, Frustrations

When you live in New York City, stories of cops profiling or even shooting unarmed black men likely don’t come as a surprise. That’s not to say that the NYPD encourages their own brand of justice outside the law, or that all NYPD officers are “bad”, but certainly that any rift between the force and the people has largely been drawn on the actions of these brazen officers and the policies that protect them. Continue reading “Flatbush Protests Over NYPD-Killed Youth End in Arrests, Frustrations”

Albany Cops Conducting “Shocking” Number of Strip Searches

Since 2009, Albany police have conducted more than 650 strip searches. Police Chief Steven Krokoff expressed surprise over the number, but many say “surprise” isn’t a strong enough reaction for such alarming practices. Instead, the Chief should be looking at why his officers are so quick to make someone strip down, especially considering only a fraction of those subjected to the humiliating searches are found to have any contraband.

Let’s be clear—these aren’t all strip searchers being conducted as someone is processed into jail after being arrested. On the contrary, these searches are mostly being done outside of the police stations—in private homes and other locations. Continue reading “Albany Cops Conducting “Shocking” Number of Strip Searches”

Is ‘Stop and Frisk’ Achieving Anything?

Over the years, as the NYPD implemented their controversial ‘stop and frisk’ practices, robbery and burglary rates plummeted. While you may have heard top officials relating the two—suggesting the stop and frisks were causing the drop, there was little causal evidence to connect them. Now, however, a study in Justice Quarterly indicates there is evidence to show once and for all if the stop and frisk practices are responsible for plummeting burglary and robbery rates.

The findings indicate stop and frisk has had little role on the reduction. Continue reading “Is ‘Stop and Frisk’ Achieving Anything?”

NYPD Uses Force at Alarming Rate, Says NYT Analysis

For every five stops the NYPD makes, they use force. This is a troubling rate, particularly given the heat the department is under for their questionable “stop and frisk” practices. If they are stopping and frisking people under questionable circumstances, and for every five of them, they use force on one, doesn’t it seem as thought NYC’s finest are simply looking for a fight? Continue reading “NYPD Uses Force at Alarming Rate, Says NYT Analysis”