NYC Embracing Big Brother

Here is a report from NBC news on Operation Sentinel, the program to scan and track all cars coming in and out of Manhattan in the name of homeland security.

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The news report was broadcast over a year ago, but as far as we know the program continues to be rolled out.

The implications of this are significant for anyone concerned with civil liberties and government surveillance of it’s citizens. The government will have a massive database of the locations and movements of millions of citizens.

And of course, if you happen to have an outstanding criminal warrant, or be driving on a suspended license (even without knowing it), you can expect to be stopped and arrested at any time.

There could be any number of abusive reasons why the government might want to track you down. You could be a witness to a crime or person of interest in any investigation and be instantly located and questioned.

You can imagine countless scenarios where being in the wrong place at the wrong time can make you a suspect.

The potential for mistakes and abuse here is considerable. This should be a concern for all citizens.

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