NY Lawmaker Wants Breathalyzers in All Cars

A New York State Assemblyman is advocating for breath test devices to be standard equiptment in all vehicles, in an effort to prevent drunk driving (DWI).He has introduced a bill to make alcohol detecting equipment mandatory in all cars in New York by 2015, according to WKBW news  in Buffalo. The bill is not expected to pass.

While everyone is against those who drive drunk and break New York’s DWI laws, even MADD doesn’t go so far as to think mandatory monitoring of all citizens is a good idea. Besides being impractical, expensive, and possibly a violation of citizens civil rights (as if that isn’t enough), there are many questions about how such a system would work.

  • Who would pay for these systems?
  • What happens with the data collected?
  • What is the threshold for “drunk” or impaired? Is it the same as the legal limit of 08%BAC in NY, or set lower than that?

Assemblyman Ortiz has introduced other controversial legislation to the state, including banning salt in New York city restaurants. He has introduced this bill in previous years.

Current NY law allows for a judge to mandate an interlock device after a DWI conviction.

There are a number of passive alcohol detection technologies for cars in development, but they are not considered ready for mass use, and the legal implications are still largely unexplored.

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