Manhattan Arrests for Drugs, Guns

An undercover officer with the NYPD went on a shopping spree of sorts over the past several months, according to the Daily News, buying drugs and guns in an effort to take down a ring operating in very close proximity to a school.

Four men are in custody and three additional are being sought in this case that involves drugs and high powered firearms.

All seven men are facing charges of dealing ecstasy and cocaine as well as selling 27 weapons, including semi automatic pistols and assault rifles. Sgt. Patrick Mulcahy states these weapons “were definitely used street guns.”

Twenty one year old Marcel Navarro, twenty year old Juan Lopez, twenty four year old Christopher Navarro and Kenny Grullon, twenty years old, are the four currently spending time in jail. The three on the lam are known only as their monikers: Pimples, Shorty, and Chocolatey.

Over the past ten months, the undercover agent was able to make purchases from the men who were operating near PS 98 on West 212th Street. While their exact charges are currently unknown, chances are they will face elevated charges due to the location of their operation in regards to the school.

There are many factors that can make serious criminal charges even more serious. Where they occur is just one of these factors. Being accused of selling drugs near a school can seriously impact the charges against you.

Whether facing charges of criminal possession of a firearm or possession of marijuana, you want to be certain you are exploring all of your options. Having an aggressive defense attorney can help.

I have handled many drug cases in New York criminal courts and I would be honored to assist you with yours. Contact me to discuss the details of your case.

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