Fraud Charges in $600K Brooklyn Museum Scam

The former payroll manager for the Brooklyn Museum is facing some criminal charges for money that was stolen while he was employed there. No longer working for the museum, Dwight Newton was arrested at his new place of work, Action Against Hunger.

Newton allegedly took over $600,000 in fraudulent paychecks from the museum during his employment there. As the payroll clerk he was in a good position to make paychecks out to fictitious names and direct deposit them into his own account.

The bank is seeking restitution and a better way to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again, says the Daily News. As for Newton, he is facing charged of wire fraud for which he could face up to 20 years in federal prison.

Although the charges against Newton are federal, not all fraud charges are. Bad checks, credit card fraud, and forgery are considered white collar crimes under the New York penal code. These state crimes can also carry serious penalties.

People often commit crimes like this when they are in financial trouble. Newton himself is in debt over his head and states he can’t even afford his own attorney. Necessity and financial stress often leads to drastic measures.

People enter into crimes like these never guessing they will be caught. Instead they hope to get ahead and typically plan on committing the offense just one time.

Facing criminal charges like fraud or bad checks can be very humiliating. Add to this the confusing criminal justice system and you are likely under a lot of stress. Being able to put your confidence in an experienced and aggressive attorney can take some of the stress off of your shoulders.

If you are facing charges of worthless checks or any other financial crime, call me today to see how I may be able to help your case.

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