Foreclosed Homes in Queens NY Lead to Increased Crime Rates

Likely a trend across the country, officials in the borough of Queens have discovered that although the overall crime rate in the city has dropped, it has dropped far less significantly or even risen in areas of high foreclosures. With foreclosure rates at all time highs, neighborhoods are filled with vacant homes and less watchful neighbors.

The Daily News reports that in all but two areas of high foreclosure crime rose between 2006 and 2008. The majority of the city, however, saw declines in criminal activity. 2008 saw a jump of 150% in criminal incidences in high-foreclosure areas. This is quite a dramatic increase.

These abandoned homes are ripe for the picking when it comes to thefts and break-ins. Many of these buildings have also become the scene of more violent and sinister offenses. Serial rapists plagued the city last summer, carrying out their dirty deeds in empty buildings.

One may be quick to think that this increase in only seen in low income areas. Interestingly, however, the increase was also seen in high-foreclosure areas within the median income neighborhoods. The middle class is not immune to increased crime rates.

As the economy struggles, we continue to see the residual effects in criminal behavior. People are hurting for more money and opportunities for criminal behavior are becoming greater, as in the instance of these empty buildings.

From theft to trespassing, one could get a handful of charges from one situation in an abandoned building. Regardless of the charge you are up against, the skills of an experienced defense attorney can be of real assistance. Call me to discuss your charges today.

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