Anti-Crime Bill Passes NY State Senate

Sometimes proposed bills can be pushed through more quickly because they happen to be introduced at a time when emotions are high. An anti-crime package passed the State Senate this past week on the heels of the Boston Marathon bombing and another foiled attack planned on a Canadian train which would have eventually arrived in NYC. As fears and concerns over terrorism are heightened, the bill—which includes a few anti-terror law changes—was an easy pass for lawmakers. Continue reading “Anti-Crime Bill Passes NY State Senate”

NY Bail Fees For Minor Crimes Create Debtor’s Prison

In a report released last week from Human Rights Watch and profiled in the New York Times, the country learned what many within the city already knew—if you’re poor, you’re more likely to be in jail. The courts have created a situation where people are sent to jail and unable to raise even a $1,000 bond, making them a resident of Riker’s Island for a short stay, even when facing charges as minor as possession of marijuana or jumping a subway turnstile. Continue reading “NY Bail Fees For Minor Crimes Create Debtor’s Prison”