In NY, Leandra’s Law Is “Working”

Eleven year old Leandra Rosado was on her way to a slumber party, riding in a vehicle with 7 little girls and one mother. The mother later found to have been driving intoxicated, lost control of the speeding vehicle, flipping it and killing Leandra. It was her, this eleven year old victim, which the relatively new “Leandra’s Law” was named, a law the New York Daily News reports is proving effective. Continue reading “In NY, Leandra’s Law Is “Working””

NY DWI Law Controversy About Cost of Monitoring

New DWI laws and penalties set to go into effect on 8/15 are causing some concerns for local counties about the costs of implementing the new restrictions. Under the law, NY Counties such as Genesee County take on new administrative and monitoring responsibilities for DWI offenders with new ignition interlock devices installed in their cars, and the source of the funding is not clear. Continue reading “NY DWI Law Controversy About Cost of Monitoring”

New NY DWI Laws Among Toughest in the Nation

New stricter penalties for NY DWI convictions unanimously passed the New York Assembly and the Senate, and the new law was signed by Governor Patterson. “Leandra’s Law” includes a number of DWI penalty enhancements, including felony charges for drunk driving with a child under 16 in the car, and mandatory ignition interlock device installation for all DWI convictions. Continue reading “New NY DWI Laws Among Toughest in the Nation”

New York Drunk Driving Laws May Change as Result of Tragic Accident

Horrific tragedies are a common catalyst for change in our laws and procedures, particularly in drunk driving cases. While sometimes and emotional response can result in an over-reaction that is out of proportion with the facts, there are other situation where a truly heartbreaking situation demonstrates a loophole that needs to be addressed. Continue reading “New York Drunk Driving Laws May Change as Result of Tragic Accident”