The Journey of a Gun In NYC

A weapon responsible for the shooting of an NYC police officer has had its roots examined in this interesting piece from the New York Times. A journey in the life of an old revolver shows just how a weapon can go from legitimately owned firearm to a weapons charge.

A .32 caliber revolver was found when Officer Rodney Lewis was performing a search on an arrestee. The gun fell out of Edwin V. Santana’s waistband and discharged when it hit the ground. Lewis was shot in the chest and was released from the hospital this past week.

The police spent some time trying to uncover the life of this weapon, discovering it was made in 1946 and changed hands many times. They lost track of its journeys from 1976 on when it was reported “lost” by the owner.

This means for the past 33 years the revolver was not legally owned. It evaded police for over 3 decades. It could have been in a sock drawer for 20 of those years. Perhaps, however, it was carried throughout the city, being used in threats or snugly stashed away in a purse or waistband like Mr. Santana’s.

Whatever the case, this is a good example of the opportunity for a weapons charge. It is difficult to say just how many firearms like this one are on the streets of the city. But we know they are picked up on a daily basis and result in numerous cases in the court systems.

New York’s gun laws are quite extensive. Although we are guaranteed the right to bear arms, this right must be controlled with regulations to keep the streets safe.

Even if using the weapon was not your intention, you can be charged with a weapons offense for simply possessing some guns. Check out this brief summary of our state’s gun laws and you will see there are many ways a gun can get you into trouble.

If you are facing weapons charges and in need of a determined defense attorney, call me to discuss your case right away.

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