NY Larceny and Other Charges for Man Impersonating Dead Mother

Forty-nine year old Thomas Parkin faces a range of charges including larceny, after authorities found him impersonating his deceased mother to the tune of $117,000 in government benefits.

In 2003 Irene Prusik died at the age of 73. According to her son Thomas Parkin, because he was there at the time of death, he became his mother. This strange story has made headlines around the world and continues to baffle many.

Parkin falsified his mother’s death certificate and continued to collect her monthly Social Security checks. In addition, he made money off of rent subsidies by claiming he was disabled and his mother acted as his landlord.

Over the years Parkin would dress in drag, complete with manicured nails, a silver wig, and oxygen tank to do business as his mother. His alleged accomplice, Mhilton Romolo, acted as a nephew of the elderly woman, helping with paperwork.

Among the charges that both men face are larceny and criminal impersonation. There are other charges as well and both men are being held on $1 million bond.

Criminal impersonation is similar to identity theft and is a fairly rare charge and certainly doesn’t usually get this elaborate. If you act as if you are someone else in order to obtain benefit in their name, you may be charged with this offense. The manicure and wig are completely optional.

Grand larceny is quite simply theft on a large scale. The classification of the charge depends on the value of the larceny. Because this case involves over $117,000 the men could be charged with 1st degree grand larceny. This is considered a Class B non-violent felony and is a very serious charge.

When facing any criminal charge it is completely normal to be frightened. Even if it is petty larceny that you are up against, I may be able to help. Call me today so we can talk about your case.

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