More New York License Plate Scanner Police Stops

A Brewster man was flagged by a license plate scanner by Carmel, NY police for having a suspended license. The local police officer had on-board data that instantly identified the suspect’s car as having a license plate associated with a license under suspension.

These license plate scanners are matched with databases from courts and the DMV to identify stolen cars, and suspended licenses.

Interestingly, the police officer did not immediately have the driver’s vehicle associated with what he quickly found out to be an outstanding criminal arrest warrant.

Increasingly, license plate scanner technology also has current information on outstanding warrants, at least when the names can be matched with license plate data from the DMV.

We will keep watching for stories of license plate scanners leading to passive location of suspended licenses and criminal warrants in New York.

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  1. I just had this happen to me on the way to work, I was unaware of a unpaid ticket I or my wife had (who knows why) And the DMV did not inform me of the suspension. I am unsure of the legality of pulling a car over just because its owner has a suspended license. This would allow my wife to be harassed at the police officers will since her car is registered to me. And I am not even sure why or when the suspension occurred, it’s a wild disconnect. it can tell an officer that the owner of a car has a suspended license but not why.

  2. Courts have ruled that it is perfectly legal for police to check license plates and pull people over if there is a valid suspicion of a crime, such as the vehicle’s owner having his or her license under suspension.
    Of course, if the vehicle itself is in compliance, and the driver is not the owner, then there is no violation. Either way, this is a harsh way to find out for the first time about a driver’s license suspension.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I totally understand that the courts have screwed this up. Because, having a license under suspension is not a crime. Either is driving a car. And “Assuming” that the driver of a car is the owner of the car will result the assumption to be wrong 50% of the time; since 50% of the drivers licenses issued don’t have a car registered to the same person.

    Thanks for the info. I plan on writing my local representative about this, not that she will read it.

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