Jets Braylon Edwards Arrested for DWI

New York Jets receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested on a DWI charge Tuesday morning in Manhattan. According to the Times, the football star was stopped for having tinted windows on his vehicle that may have exceeded the legal standard. He was given a breathalzyer test which resulted in a .16% BAC, or twice the legal limit for impairment in New York.

New York City still gets a surprising amount of DWI arrests, despite easy access to cabs and other public transportation.

And it is doubly surprising when a prominent and wealthy athlete gets a DWI charge in Manhattan, since he obviously has the means to have a professional driver take him around town.

But people, wealthy and otherwise, obviously do not always exercise the best judgement.

Edwards is fortunate his BAC wasn’t a tick higher. Just one more drink probably would have pushed his BAC to .18%, which would have made the charge an Aggravated DWI.

But either way, he will have to sort out some legal problems he didn’t count on.

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