National Publicity for Buffalo Assault Case

Last month, 18 year old Brian Milligan Jr. was brutally beaten. After spending some time in the hospital, Milligan is now recovering at home and slated to see a neurosurgeon about his injuries soon.

Although Milligan has no memory of the incident it is believed he was attacked by about 10 to 15 men who used a chunk of concrete, their fists, and their feet to beat him to a “bloodied and bruised” mess. Milligan’s jaw was broken, his face was battered, and he had blood on the brain.

The fact that Milligan doesn’t remember the attack is making the incident more difficult for police. Milligan and others suspect the attack was racially motivated, however.

Milligan, who is white, and his African American girlfriend, Nicola Fletcher have been repeatedly harassed as they walked and were seen together in their neighborhood. According to this report from CNN, Fletcher is frightened to walk the streets knowing the verbal abuse she must withstand and also knowing her boyfriends attackers are still out there.

The case has brought attention to the fact that interracial relationships, though more common, are still not always viewed with acceptance. If the suspects are arrested and charged, the classification of “hate crime” could bring harsher penalties to each of them.

Because of the use of a cement block in the assault, which could be classified as a potentially deadly weapon, the suspects could face First Degree Assault charges, even if it isn’t labeled a hate crime.

1st degree assault is the most serious classification of assault crimes and is considered a B violent felony charge.  This level of criminal classification can lead to a sentence of up to 25 years in prison.

Facing serious charges like this can change your life. Whether you are guilty or not, the criminal process can take a toll on you, your family, and your future. If you are facing serious criminal charges, an experienced criminal defense attorney is a necessity. Contact me today to speak about your case in greater detail.

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