Charged with Domestic Assault in New York?

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If you are accused of domestic assault / domestic violence, you probably feel very alone, and that no one is on your side. Cases like these can be exceptionally hard. Because of the relationship you might have or had with the alleged victim, there is no doubt a lot of emotional conflict built up.

And now you have to worry about criminal charges, what everyone will think about you, and how you can possibly defend yourself and get fair treatment in court.

As New York Defense Lawyers, that’s what we do. We are here to help defend your rights, and not judge you. We can help put your mind at ease and make sure you get treated fairly in the New York Courts.

Whatever happened, you deserve that.

Many times, domestic assault charges are completely overblown and charged based on trivial incidents. But police are extremely aggressive in arresting and charging anyone in these cases, even when the facts and evidence against you are thin to non-existence.

But unfortunately, it can take an aggressive and skilled defense lawyer to get you the fair hearing you deserve. New York courts are simply not willing to dismiss domestic assault charges without a fight, even in cases that seem ridiculous.

But if you feel you did cross the line and made a mistake you now deeply regret, you still need a lawyer to protect you. We will fight for you to get a fair shake, and make sure that your regret and good intentions are recognized by the courts.

Whatever the situation, we want to help.

 What Is Domestic Violence/Assault under NY Laws?

What sets domestic or family offenses apart from other crimes is the relationship between you and the alleged victim. A crime can be considered a family offense if you are related by blood or marriage to the alleged victim or if you have a child in common.

 The following crimes can be classified as domestic offenses under New York law:

What are the Effects of a Domestic Violence Charge?

What makes the consequences of a domestic offense different than a non-domestic offense is not the prison sentence or the fines, but the restraining order and other effects.

For instance, if you are charged with a domestic offense, the alleged victim can have an order of protection taken out against you. This order of protection can limit your proximity to the victim or even kick you out of your own home (if you reside with the alleged victim).

A conviction under New York domestic violence law can even impact custody of your children if you are in divorce proceedings. If this is the case with your situation, we know your charges are causing you serious stress and heartache.

Free Consultation on NY Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

We will weight these factors, and figure out what is most important to you in your defense. We can argue for dismissal or reduction of charges in exchange for anger management, or other considerations.

You need an attorney willing to tirelessly work on your behalf. You don’t deserve to be going through this alone. And we will make sure your interests and rights are vigorously defended in court.

Call today to discuss your domestic charges. We are interested in helping you clear your name, and get your life back.


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