Charged with Issuing Bad Checks in New York State?

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Sometimes referred to as “white collar crimes”, offenses like fraud,bad checksidentity theft and forgery are serious offenses that carry serious penalties.

Often, these crimes are committed in times of financial stress. Perhaps you thought you could do it this one time and not get caught. You may feel extreme remorse about having made a mistake and shown bad judgment at a desperate time.

Of course, you may be completely innocent of the charges against you. Someone else may have committed a fraud or written a bad check in your name.

Regardless of what happened, you are now accused of a serious criminal charge. You need an attorney that is willing to work hard on your case and has the skills and experience to get you the results you want in court.

Whether you are facing jail time, or even just a permanent criminal record, you need the best defense lawyer you can find to protect your rights.

We have handled many cases like these and have likely handled one very similar to yours. We understand, however, that all cases are different and are interested in hearing the specifics of yours.

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Issuing a Bad Check/ Worthless Checks – Laws & Penalties

If you are accused of worthless checks it means that the prosecution believes you wrote and used a check knowing or believing that it would not be honored by the bank. It is your responsibility as an account holder to keep tabs on your balance. So not knowing you had a low balance isn’t necessarily a legitimate defense to this crime.

Worthless checks is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 90 days in jail.

In addition to this criminal charge, the alleged victim can get up to three times of the amount of the check(s) back from you in civil court.

Ref:  3 NYPEN 190.05

Credit Card Fraud Laws

There are a wide variety of credit card fraud offenses under New York law.

Illegal or fraudulent use of a credit card is similar to a bad checks charge, and penalties can depend on the value of the charges made.

Fraud of credit terms

If you lie to a creditor about your financial situation in order to obtain credit you could be charged with this fraud offense. This is aClass A misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 1 year in jail.

Ref: 3 NYPEN 190.55

Wire Fraud / Embezzlement

Wire fraud is one of the possible criminal offenses used inembezzlement charges in New York. Wire fraud is the theft via electronic transfer of money or funds over which one has been entrusted to manage.


There are many fraud offenses under New York law. If you are being charged with any fraud, forgery, or similar offense, we can help you get the best possible outcome in court.

And there are often legal defense options. In some cases, we can get charges reduced or dropped in exchange for restitution or other agreements to pay back the creditor who was defrauded.

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